Justin Theunissen


From a very young age, Justin has been fascinated with music. He studied piano from the age of 8, winning many awards through UNISA, the university of Pretoria and local eisteddfods. He began composing piano pieces from the age of 13 and decided to pursue further musical education at Stellenbosch University.

It was at Stellenbosch University that Justin began his formal composition studies under Professor Hans Roosenschoon from 2010, graduating with his Masters degree in 2014. He also studied Piano from 2008 under Professor Nina Schumann. During his time at Stellenbosch he received the Samro Composition Bursary three times and was a co-founder of the KOMPOS collaboration (a student initiative enabling composition and performance students to hold workshops and yearly concerts). Through KOMPOS, Justin had 3 orchestral works and 3 chamber works performed and recorded with great success.

His music has a romantic quality with minimalist and contemporary film influences. Above all, Justin believes in the emotional qualities of music. In his opinion, the lyrical and aesthetic impact that music can have, is of the highest importance when composing. His music is inspired by Bartók, Stravinsky, Pärt and Mendelssohn.

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