Kristi Boonzaaier


Kristi Boonzaaier is a third year BMus student specializing in his first year of composition.  He is a student of Professor Hans Roosenschoon.  His main instrument is clarinet.  He has been a member of several orchestras and choirs performing with various groups across the world.  He achieved Royal Schools (2010) and UNISA (2011) practical Gr.8 in clarinet and UNISA Gr.6 Theory (2011).  He conducted at the KOMPOS orchestral evening in 2012 and in 2013 performed a choral work at the KOMPOS chamber concert.  In 2014 his chamber work, Primus Epicus, was performed at the KOMPOS Chamber Evening.  In the same year his orchestral work, Toorbos, was also performed at the KOMPOS Spheres concert.

Concert PieceKristi_Boonzaaier_files/Boonzaaier_Concert%20piece.pdfKristi_Boonzaaier_files/Boonzaaier_Concert%20piece_1.pdfshapeimage_3_link_0