Roche van Tiddens


Roche van Tiddens, born 1990, composed his first classical work at the age of 22 under the tutelage of Hans Roosenschoon, although he started writing light music at the age of 16 with a protest song against child soldiers in Africa. He was awarded the Hans Roosenschoon Music Foundation Scholarship for composition in 2014. Roche has composed 9 classical works since the age of 22 including a work for String Quartet and percussionist, Straatkind, chosen by the Composers National Collegium to be performed in Pretoria at the Musaion for their annual workshop.

Verloren VleiRoche_van_Tiddens_files/Van%20Tiddens_VerlorenVlei.pdfRoche_van_Tiddens_files/Van%20Tiddens_VerlorenVlei_1.pdfshapeimage_3_link_0